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Two reviews of ESCAPE from YELP

posted Jun 15, 2012, 1:34 PM by Crissy Nolen   [ updated Jun 28, 2012, 9:47 AM by FB Exchange Treasurer ]

FYI....More from ESCAPE below!

These below are from YELP:

“Well look at that - two years later and I've now worked with ESCAPE Family Resource Center (EFRC) in a professional setting, as well as graduated from their Building Confident Families program.

From a professional perspective:
ESCAPE was accommodating and exceptionally great to work with. Each and every person I communicated with was helpful and attentive.

From a student's perspective:
I took the Building Confident Families course with about 13 parents in a program though my employer. As a student I had already learned much of what the class discussed in an educational setting. I found the EFRC educator's approach to be easy to understand, enlightening, comical and understanding. Many of the parents seemed to enjoy the classes and I felt that the educator made it easy for the parents to open up and discuss their perspective.

EFRC offers courses for children, teens, women who have experienced domestic violence, divorcing/divorced parents, and grandparents. Though many people may refer to the classes as "parenting classes" they're really communication, stress management and informative - I think the people who work at EFRC realize that no1 got a parenting instructional book and really try to give age appropriate information to all of their client/students.”


“An ESCAPE rep lectured in one of my classes last week and I really liked what she had to say. The lecture comprised of course material as well as information pertaining to our class specifically.

Basically ESCAPE is a non profit org that has a hand full (7 or so) classes for parents, grandparents and children. They help parents cope with divorce and speaking to their kids about sex among many other things.

ESCAPE serves the community and seperate their classes in groups composed of parents who were ordered by the court or individuals/families just seeking education on their own behalf.

The instructors all hold their masters degree and our guest lecturer not only seemed knowledgeable but very understanding. Currently they offer English and Spanish but are working on Chinese as well.
Courses are several weeks in many locations all over Harris and Ft Bend counties for a small fee (assistance for can be requested and is usually given).

From their web site: (http://learntopar...)
ESCAPE Family Resource Center began as part of a national project dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect in local communities across the country. We are a nonprofit, 501(c)3, organization that relies on private support to prevent and combat emotional, physical, and sexual violence towards children.

*just to make things clear, I am in no way affiliated with ESCAPE, I just really appreciated the lecture and their efforts to help parents and families. If I can find time in my busy schedule, in the future, I would really like to volunteer but currently am not. “