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The National Exchange Club offers help to Victims and Families affected by Child Abuse

posted Aug 2, 2012, 6:32 AM by Crissy Nolen

The National Exchange Club, one of America’s oldest service organizations, and the National Exchange Club (NEC) Foundation have been working to protect our country’s children from abuse for over 30 years.

In light of the tragic events at Penn State, Exchange stands ready to respond to the needs of America’s families in a number of ways.

With Child Abuse Prevention as our National Project, Exchange oversees a network of 75 community-based prevention centers, and informs and educates parents and caretakers about how to keep children safe from harm and help them to grow into strong healthy citizens. CAP Centers have served over 778,445 families, creating safer homes for over 1.8 million children since 1981.

  •  We can provide direct support and referral services to families in need and to other community organizations.

  • We can provide training on how to become aware of the signs of child abuse, and put protective practices in place to ensure children’s safety in schools and churches, community and sports activities, and at home.

Call toll free at 1.800.924.2643 to reach our CAP Services Department staff. A listing of our local Exchange Child Abuse Prevention Centers can be found on our Web site at

Exchange, through the volunteer work of its nearly 21,000 members in 700 clubs across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, has made a significant impact on the lives of many families, through education and awareness programs and by raising funds to support its centers and programs through the NEC Foundation.  Go to to learn more about Exchange, and to find an Exchange Club near you.

Exchange asks that citizens in communities across the country to join in our quest to keep children safe from harm.  We are anxious to hear from you to see how Exchange might partner with you to strengthen families, improve communities and serve America.

Contact:    Mary Chris Skeldon, Director of Communications – 1.800.924.2643