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Behavioral Healthcare Summer Camp - Rosenberg

posted Jun 28, 2012, 8:38 AM by Fort Bend Exchange   [ updated Jun 28, 2012, 8:40 AM ]

Behavioral Healthcare Clinic at Rosenberg

 Youth Summer Camp - July 2012


Summer Youth Camp Overview

The Texana Behavioral Healthcare Services Youth Summer Program is a two day program which has been designed to provide lessons and activities to teach approximately thirty youth patients a number of different skills including; social, problem solving, communication and daily living skills. In addition, the children will be given alcohol/drug education and budgeting/financial skills training. 

Day one of the program is the ‘Education Day’ where the children to learn things like communication and social skills.  The children will start with a meet-and-greet, to help them learn to introduce themselves to new people, they also play games and learn good sportsmanship, taking turns, being a good loser etc.  The summer camp also includes things like improving study habits, how to handle bullying, issues with drug/alcohol abuse and/or family violence. The teens will also learn how to budget money/balance a check book, how to apply for college, how to find financial support for college, issues with dating/abusive relationships, etc.

Day two is the ‘Reward Day’ at which time the children are given the opportunity to participate in an activity that they would not normally be able to do because of the financial commitment involved. The most important part of this ‘Reward Day’ is the focus to get the children to apply the skills they learned the previous day, prior to returning to real life situations.

We are seeking monetary or supplies donations for the summer camp.  Listed below are the much needed supplies which will help to make this camp possible: 

·         Acrylic Paints 

·         Paint brushes

·         Plain t-shirts – white or light colored

·         Fabric paints

·         Beads  (boyish beads, letter beads, etc.)

·         Threads (to make friendship bracelets)

·         Hooks

·         Food - snacks/drinks etc.

·         Table covers

·         Paper plates

·         Cups

·         Name tags

·         Permanent markers

·         Little prizes/games/etc. for the “reward box”

·         Bag of candy  (motivator)


If you can help by purchasing any of the supplies noted above or would prefer to make a monetary donation please contact:            

Tracey Shaw,                                                                                                                                        

Director of Development & Community Relations

P. 281.239.1311 or Email: