National PR Toolkit

Public Relations

Public relations is a must if you want community support for your service projects, fundraisers and membership recruitment efforts. People are constantly bombarded with ways to spend their time and money. Companies, restaurants, and nonprofits are all striving to promote themselves and increase peoples’ involvement. Exchange Clubs are now forced to compete for support and attention from the public and media to increase membership to better serve their communities. We have come to understand that we need to get the word out about our service projects. Ending child abuse, promoting patriotism, nurturing our youth, and countless other projects that clubs carry out, are far too important to go unnoticed in our communities and unrecognized by the media.

In order to continue the Exchange tradition of service, we need to tell people who we are, what we do, and why. That is the heart of public relations: communicating the message of Exchange as an organization and your club’s role in that organization through the services you provide to your community.

Welcome to your National Exchange Club Online PR Kit!

Here you will find almost everything you need to get your local public relations efforts up and moving or further along.