Membership and Guests



Active members are elected according to the bylaws and are eligible for all rights and privileges of membership.

Joining Fee             $ 35

Quarterly Dues        $175

Includes all meals, District & National Dues


This category is available on a limited, and case-by-case basis. Application must be presented to the Board. The Board must consider and approve. The following are the special cases:

a. A member, in good standing, whose circumstances have changed and will rarely be able to attend lunch meetings, but wants to remain active and participate in our activities and projects, including fund raising. There will be no additional Joining Fee.

b. Occasionally, a person who supports and participates in the Club’s fund raising, projects, and social events, would like to be a considered for membership, but due to circumstances, such as job, can rarely attend lunches.

Joining Fee               $ 35

Quarterly Dues          $ 50

Lunch                       $ 15    (Member will pay for lunch when attending)


This category allows the Club to recognize the on-going and special efforts undertaken by spouses of active members. Upon application, the spouse shall be elected by the same procedure as active members but shall not be entitled to hold office or vote. This person will be reported and carried on the National membership roles as “Honorary” as technically “Spousal Honorary” des not exist as a recognized membership category.

Joining Fee                $ 35

Quarterly Dues           $ 40

Lunch                        $ 15    (Member will pay for lunch when attending)


Any business entity in a community that supports the mission of Exchange may apply to the Club’s Board of Directors for a Business Membership. Each Business Member shall designate a primary contact from the business to receive communications from the club and attend club meetings. Each Business Member shall also be entitled to designate up to two alternate persons from the business who may attend club meetings in place of the primary contact when the primary contact cannot attend. A Business Member (primary contact only) may vote and hold office.

Joining Fee                $ 75

Quarterly Dues          $ 175

Includes meals for one designee per meeting, all District & National Dues 

Lunch                        $ 15    (Additional designees will pay for lunch when attending)


  1. All members are encouraged to bring guests to regular club meetings. If the guest being hosted is considered a potential member, the host is allowed three (3) visits for that guest at no charge.

  2. At the front door of the meeting room, there will be a Guest Registration Form. This form MUST be filled out before the meeting is begun so that proper accounting for the guest can be made. The House Committee will see to it that proper distribution of the guest form is made as follows: 1) the presiding officer for introduction, 2) the treasurer, and 3) the Membership chairman. 

  3. Guests attending who are NOT considered potential new members (ie. relatives, friends, etc) must also have a Guest Form completed for them. For each guest not considered a potential new member, a $15 fee will be charged and payable at the door. 

  4. Lunches are not charged for Guests such as Speakers, District visitors, Youth Honorees (YOM, YOY, ACE) and their family & counselors.