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Here are some examples you can use for your club newsletter or club invitations. To use these templates do a Save As and save the file to your computer.

Newsletter #1 (Word File)
Newsletter #2 (Publisher File)

Invitation #1 (Word File)
Invitation #2 (Word File)

To download an image, click on the download links underneath each thumbnail to access the full-sized image. Then right-click on the image with your mouse and select "Save Picture As" to save the graphic on your computer. Comments or questions ? Email or call 800-924-2643.

Please read this policy statement on the use of Exchange name and logo and The Proper Way to Use Your National Exchange Club Logo before downloading and using Exchange's logo.

2012-2013 Presidential Theme (Lou Molitor) 

National Exchange Club Logo with Sparkle Emblem

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National Exchange Club Logo


 Your Local Club Logo


Foundation Logo


Join Team Exchange 

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Stand Up America!


Give the Gift of Exchange
Family Days

Believe in the Blue Logo

Blue Ribbon
Parent Aide Logo

Proudly We Hail
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One Nation Under God

Exchange: Uniting for a Better America
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National Day of Service
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Time Out Teddy
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Business Masters Exchange Club Logo

Exchange Collegiate Club Logo




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WHEREAS, the Bylaws of The National Exchange Club provide that the supervision of the use of name, emblem and motto of Exchange is vested in the Board of Directors in Article XVII of the National Bylaws; and
WHEREAS, with consent and approval of the National Board of Directors, the wearing of the pin and use of the name, emblem and motto of Exchange shall be for the purpose of promoting The National Exchange Club, to promote the national project of Exchange, the Prevention of Child Abuse, and all other community service projects; and
WHEREAS, the name, emblem and motto shall not be used to promote an individual member, club, organization or political candidate or political ideal which is not approved by the National Board of Directors; and
WHEREAS, The National Exchange Club is a 501 (c) (4) organization, and The National Exchange Club Foundation is a 501 (c) (3), organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of the Internal Revenue Code; and
WHEREAS, any individual, club, district, foundation or other organization shall not promote for or against any political candidate or political cause or carry on any other activities not permitted by Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of The National Exchange Club that the use of the name, emblem and motto shall only be used in accordance with the foregoing criteria to promote the ideals and principals of Exchange. Adopted: National Board of Directors, Chicago, Illinois, July 8, 1998.

The Proper Way to Use Your National Exchange Club Logo
National Exchange Club (NEC) members in good standing may proudly display the Exchange logo as a means of exhibiting their affiliation with Exchange and are encouraged to use this logo to identify that they are members of Exchange. The NEC logo functions as a positive symbol of the ideals, professionalism and high standards of Exchange. Proper use of the logo creates a clear and consistent image to the public. Member cooperation will help maintain a consistent and recognizable image. Additional information can be found in the National Exchange Club Style Guide.

The logo consists of three elements:

  • The round, “XC” emblem is the official mark owned by the National Exchange Club and registered with the United States Trademark and Patent Office. The emblem carries the proud tradition and history of the NEC since its registration in 1950.

  • The word Exchange, spelled out in capital letters represents a short, bold statement of who we are today.



  • The Pantone colors for the logo are Blue (PMS Reflex Blue), Red (PMS 201) and Metallic Gold (PMS 874).

  • Use the black and white logo for black and white publications and the color logo for color publications.

  • No other color combinations are acceptable without the approval of the NEC.


  • The signature is comprised of the words “THE NATIONAL EXCHANGE CLUB.”

  • Members are strongly encouraged to use their own club or district name as the signature, (i.e. Exchange Club of Toledo, OH or Ohio-West Virginia District Exchange Clubs.)

  • Requests for personalized club or district logos can be directed to the Communications Department,, and are usually returned within one business day.

Logo vs. Emblem

  • The NEC logo is always the preferred mark to use when representing the local, district, or national Exchange Club and should be used wherever the logo is needed. However, it is understood that there are circumstances when only the emblem is appropriate. The following principles apply equally to the logo and the emblem.

Observe the following when using the logo:

  • Do not alter the logo in any way including its layout, colors or elements. Treat the logo as a single graphic unit, and do not rearrange, compress, stretch, distort, or alter the logo. Always scale the logo proportionately.

  • Use only the approved digital artwork. NEVER RE-TYPESET THE LOGO.

  • Use of the logo must not be disparaging or defamatory to, nor present false or misleading information about NEC. Use must not violate intellectual property rights or any state or federal laws.

  • Never place the logo on a cluttered background. Make sure that the background ensures good legibility.

  • JPGs are raster art files - a compressed image of the artwork made of a certain number of pixels. Enlarging a raster image will cause jagged edges (pixelation). A raster file should only be used at the size it was created. Therefore, do not alter the size of the JPGs provided.


  • If your use meets the above specifications, you do not need written permission and may download the following logos. By downloading a logo file, you are agreeing to use these logos according to the principles described above. Please contact Communications Department at 800-924-2643 if you have any further questions.

  • The National Exchange Club Supply Department is the authorized supplier of official Exchange paraphernalia, clothing and materials. For items not in the supply catalogue, contact the Supply Department at 800-924-2643 or

Professional Use

  • Professional printers may request an EPS file on behalf of an Exchange Club. To request a file, contact the Communications Director at 800-924-2643 or