Regions and Districts


Region 1: California/Nevada; Sierra Pacific Region 7: Michigan; Indiana; Northern Indiana
Region 2: Northwest; Yellowstone Region 8: Ohio-West Virginia
Region 3: Dakota Territory; Lincolnland; Minnesota; Wisconsin-Upper Peninsula Region 9: Alabama; Florida; Puerto Rico
Region 4: Rocky Mountain; Southwest Region 10: Georgia; North Carolina; South Carolina
Region 5: Arklahoma; Heartland; Texas, Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Region 11: New Jersey-New York; Mid-Atlantic; Colonial
Region 6: Mississippi; Tennessee (plus Richmond, Ky)
Region 12: Connecticut; New England

Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast
2012 – 2013

District Officers

President: Steve Wells

President Elect: Tony Ackerman

Past President: Clark Walter

Secretary: Bob Dunham

Treasurer: Marc Schwartz

VP Club Renovation: Debbie Hebert

VP National Convention: Richard Flicker

VP District Convention: Majorie Evans

VP Communication: Al McDonald

VP CAP: Candace Cagle

VP Escape: Brenda Robinson

Division 1: Greg Oelfke

Division 3: Joe Barber

Division 4: Tony Ackerman

Division 5: Marc Ledesma

Division 6: Dick Hare

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Letter from District President:

I have been blessed with a wonderful life and the choices I have made have turned out to be correct. The first and best choice I made was to marry Martha, my wife of 43 years.

But when Richard Flicker called me last summer to say that I had been nominated for president of Texas Louisiana Gulf Coast District Exchange, I was thrilled and honored to accept. Since the late 1980’s I had known about the Exchange clubs because Bob and Susan Hargarther and some of their friends had been fans of my band (Elliott Walter Band). I remember one night talking with Bob and lamenting the fact that I could never be involved with an organization like Exchange. I was always working evenings and weekends. The job of being a “struggling entertainer” meant I had little free time to devote to charitable service.

However, in late 1991 my life took a change as my business partner died and I made the choice to change careers. One of my first choices was to join the Exchange Club of Sugar Land. As it turned out that was a great choice because I met Stewart Jacobson and he hired me to work with him at the financial firm, Dearborn & Creggs. Now after 16 years as a financial planner I have retired. Working for and with Exchangites is my focus for the rest of my life. I know this choice will make my life even better. I live by the Covenant of Service

To my fellow Exchangites: You know the feeling of satisfaction and self worth by being a part of this huge National, District and local family. Thank you for showing me all of the good things we can do and we have fun doing it.

To potential members and visitors: if you would like to be part of a great organization that will create a smile on your face and joy in your heart, join an Exchange Club. There are 19 clubs in our district and we would like you as a member. Please call me for more information 281-980-8668.

Thank you,

Clark Walter

District President