Weekly Bulletin for May 28, 2012

posted May 29, 2012, 11:15 AM by Crissy Nolen

Regular Meeting:  Noon on Wednesday –  Sweetwater Country Club    

Let's G R O W our Club.....Bring a Prospective Member as a Guest!     

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Upcoming Calendar of MeetingS  & Events  

 Please note- New Procedure to show your interest!  As we have so much going on, on top of the fact that spring is generally such busy time of year anyway, you will note that there are numerous items attached to this newsletter.  Please review each for specific details of different available activities and at lunch we will pass around "sign up sheets" on which you can reserve your spot where participation is limited as in the case of Gala's etc. or you can simply show that you are interested in participating in a particular activity where it is not limited.  As our lunch meeting are very busy, there is not time to give all of the relevant details so the attachments to this newsletter will be your source of activity details.  You can't say you didn't know anymore!



MAY is Freedom Shrine Month!!


May 30th -  Mr. Bill Barnes with Houston Ground Angels will be talking about efforts to provide ground transportation from local airports to the Texas Medical Center for patients coming to Houston and the Texas Medical Center. 


June 1 - 3 Texas / Louisiana / Gulf Coast District Convention - Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel! Mark you calendar and make plans to be there!  We are expecting our Club to be well represented in Member participation and awards!   Note that a Convention Registration Form has been added as an attachment and the Club will pay for your Convention Package!!   If you have never attended a District Convention this could be the one!  Registration Deadline is May 18th for a guaranteed room reservation.  The good news is a room is NOT REQUIRED AS THIS IS (RELATIVELY) LOCAL!  

June 6th - Bill Nash will be updating us on Champions Kids Camp and we will be making a donation to CKC!


June 13th -  This will be a joint meeting with the Rosenberg Exchange Club from Texana!  We will be hearing from and presenting our "Proudly We Hail" award to Mr. Don Kirtsetter of Classic Chevrolet. 


June 16th - Save the date!  This  will be our annual end of the year, farwell to Mike, welcome to Crissy as new Club President and her Board PARTY!


June 20th - Linda Page - Circle of Life will be the topic of discussion


June 23rd - Exchange Night at the New Baseball Park with the Skeeters and all your District Exchange Friends.

The  details are:  Seats are in the picnic area behind left field.  $35 per person which includes a picnic dinner. (See Attached) 


June 27th - Joe & Kelli Orth, will be telling us about their adventures and experiences hosting Exchange Students from foreign countries and some of  Joe's experiences as an Exchange Student.  They will just be back from Europe visiting some of the families that hosted Joe as a youngster.


June 30th - 2011-2012 Administrative Year ENDS!


July 1st - Red Rover, Red Rover.....Let Crissy Take over!!!!!!! The 2012 -2013 Administrative Year Begins!


JULY 11th - 14th - NATIONAL CONVENTION In Chandler AZ!   See the Exchange Today magazine for more details! 

Crissy Nolen,
May 29, 2012, 11:16 AM