Weekly Bulletin for April 23, 2012

posted Apr 30, 2012, 6:56 AM by Crissy Nolen

  The  "Stand Up America"  program is over but.....don't you still owe it to your friends, family & neighbors to share in the rewards & satisfaction of helping Build A Better America through Exchange?



Let's G R O W our Club.....Bring a Prospective Member as a Guest!     

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Upcoming Calendar of MeetingS  & Events  

 WE  STILL  NEED YOUR HELP!  Our Speaker's Committee (Evelyn) has been pre-occupied with some issues helping her son's new business get off the ground.  Do YOU know of some interesting speakers?  Would you be a good speaker on a topic of interest?  Let me know of your ideas and possible contacts who would be interested in speaking to us!  


Please note- New Procedure to show your interest!  As we have so much going on, on top of the fact that spring is generally such busy time of year anyway, you will note that there are numerous items attached to this newsletter.  Please review each for specific details of different available activities and at lunch we will pass around "sign up sheets" on which you can reserve your spot where participation is limited as in the case of Gala's etc. or you can simply show that you are interested in participating in a particular activity where it is not limited.  As our lunch meeting are very busy, there is not time to give all of the relevant details so the attachments to this newsletter will be your source of activity details.  You can't say you didn't know anymore!



April - is NATIONAL CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION MONTH                                                                            


 It is MONDAY.....are YOU wearing BLUE?                                                          


April 25th  -  Our ACE Award winner will be presented!    This is one meeting you sure don't want to miss but bring your own tissues!

                    Also, we will be accepting additional nominations from the floor and conduction our annual Board of Directors election! 


April 29th   -  Removal and storage of stakes from the "Awareness Field" planned for 3:00 in the afternoon.



MAY is Freedom Shrine Month!!



May 2nd - Glenn Smith will be talking about making professional networking website LINKEDIN work for you! 


May 5th - Child Advocates of Fort Bend CANDY LAND GALA 


May 9th -  Our own Rebecca Maitland will be speaking about Historic Richmond and efforts to revive the business district. 


May 14th - Veteran's Outreach at the Ball Park with the Fort Bend Exchange Club.  We are honoring our DGC '11 commitment to allocate a portion of proceeds to helping wounded veterans in our community.  This is a social / camaraderie building program to connect with veterans of our community to insure they know they are not forgotten.  Some 35+ Veteran's will be our guests at the game with Pavilion seating and an amazing spread of food & refreshments before and during the game.  Member cost is $30  


May 16th -   Mr. John Robson,  Operations Director for the Fort Bend Regional Council on Alcohol & Substance Abuse will be bringing us up to date on the functions of their agency.


May 23rd - TBA


May 25th - FREEDOM SHRINE DEDICATION at the New Fort Bend Justice Center...more details soon!  


May 30th - TBA 


June 1 - 3 Texas / Louisiana / Gulf Coast District Convention - Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel! Mark you calendar and make plans to be there!  We are expecting our Club to be well represented in Member participation and awards!   Note that a Convention Registration Form has been added as an attachment and the Club will pay for your Convention Package!!   If you have never attended a District Convention this could be the one!  Registration Deadline is May 18th for a guaranteed room reservation.  The good news is a room is NOT REQUIRED AS THIS IS (RELATIVELY) LOCAL! 


Note: (see Skeeters Picnic area attachment for more details)

Please check your calendars  ... Saturday (6/23).   Clark Walter is trying to set up an EXCHANGE NIGHT at the new Sugar Land Skeeters Ball Park.  Please get back to me soon on your clubs availability (which night?) ASAP.


The  details are:  Seats are in the picnic area behind left field.  $35 per person which includes a picnic dinner. (See Attached)