Programs of Service

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Members of the Exchange Club of Fort Bend.

Programs of Service are categories of services the club sponsors.  

Some need a Chair person to manage and promote the activity, others are simply programs that the club supports through donations.


Attached is a list

 The club’s official categories are:

1) Prevention of Child Abuse (CAP)

2) Americanism

3) Community Service

4) Youth Activities

I have added:

1) Exchanged Committees

2) Golf Tournament  (Katina Scott is the Chair and will divide the effort and assign supporters of the various activities.)

3) Pancakes with Santa  (A potential additional fund raiser to be discussed and either accepted or rejected by the membership.)


The activities and positions that are important to fill as soon as we can are highlighted in yellow.

1) Media Agent – a person to work with the print media to help the club get as much good press as possible.

2) Awards – To keep track of the awards offered by District and National for accomplishments and complying with procedures.  This person would list the awards, put the requirements and time requirements in a spreadsheet format and keep the members informed.

3) Photographer – Actually, Tracey Shaw has been doing a fine job in an unofficial capacity.  I think we should make Tracey the club photographer is she will agree.

4) Social Events - Debbie Roberts, when she was active, arranged for after hour socials every few weeks and was able to get some special consideration from the restaurant/bar owners.

Please see the attachment and respond with you level of interest in participating in any of these activities.  It would be appreciated if you could respond before the next Wednesday meeting.

Thank you,

 Bill Russell


Fort Bend Exchange,
Aug 31, 2014, 5:14 PM