Important Message from Your NEC Headquarters - 7/31/13

posted Aug 19, 2013, 8:44 PM by Crissy Nolen


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July 2013

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Just One More!

A Call To Action ...

  Just One More

National President Don Wright is calling on every Exchangite to recruit Just One More member - "Each One, Reach One!"


The idea is simple, really. If each one of us recruited only one member, Exchange would double its membership, and the services our clubs could provide to communities!  


In addition to knowing you've made a difference, each member to recruit a new Exchangite will receive a lapel pin as a symbol of the accomplishment. And, the member with the longest chain of new Exchangites (think of the "pay it forward" concept) will receive a billboard in his/her hometown and New Orleans, LA,  for the 2014 National Convention!


For additional information, please visit the "Campaigns" section at the bottom of our homepage.


Website and Database Update  

The new Exchange website and database, which was introduced in June, has quickly become a resource for many members and National Staff. With features designed to help Club Members and Club Officers update contact information and, based on user permission, specific club/member information.

Access information was sent to Exchangites through email. If you haven't already sent up your account, please contact Member Services at 800-924-2643. If you have established your account, please verify that your contact information and, if you are authorized to do so, your club's information is current.

Thank you!


Family Dues Membership Now Available 

At the 2013 Convention, delegates passed an amendment allowing clubs to pay reduced National dues for family members, even if members belong to different clubs. This new family membership incentive allows clubs to recruit spouses without the burden of doubling their National dues!  


As defined by the amendment, clubs will pay National dues of $18.50 per quarter for the first family member and $10 per each additional family member. The reduced-rate members will have all the rights and privileges of an active member.   


Should you have questions, please contact your Club Officers. 


Attention Club Officers ... 

Have you heard about the new and improved Exchange University?


Learn valuable tools and best practices for making your role as club officer easier. Exchange University is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year - from anywhere you can connect to the internet!


Additional information will be sent via email, with the subject line "XC - Exchange University Course Available." The email will contain a link to log in and be accompanied by your unique username and password.


95th National Convention & 30th Symposium Wrap Up

The 2013 National Convention in Greensboro, N.C., was a huge success. With keynote presentations by Billy Riggs, motivational speaker and entertainer; Victor Vieth, Executive Director of the National Child Protection Training Center; and Rochelle Pennington, award-winning newspaper columnist and bestselling author, the event set the bar high for future Conventions!

Be sure to visit the Convention section of Exchange's website to view a copy of Tracey Edwards', Executive Vice President, videotaped annual report, as well as a complete list of award winners, professional photography and more!


Exchange Club MarketPlace 

We've added some fun new items (think dog shirts and Frisbees!) to our Exchange Club MarketPlace, and introduced great new pricing on others! Check out what we have to offer at  

Our Mission

- Exchange, America's Premier Service Club, working to make our communities better places to live.

Our Motto

- Unity for Service 


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