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Exchange Club Sponsorship of the Literacy Council of Fort Bend's 2015 Great Grown-Up Spelling Bee

posted Jul 23, 2015, 10:24 AM by Fort Bend Exchange

The Exchange Club of Fort Bend is happy to be a part of the Great Grown-Up Spelling Bee, a fundraising event for the Literacy Council of Fort Bend. As the reigning champions, the Exchange Club of Fort Bend team will return this year to defend their title. Please come out and cheer us on!

July 20, 2015

Dear Exchange Club of Fort Bend,

On behalf of the Literacy Council of Fort Bend, thank you for your sponsorship pledge of $750 to the 2015 Great Grown-Up Spelling Bee. Your gift will allow us to continue to truly change our students’ lives through our six literacy programs.

Gifts from friends and supporters help us continue to provide opportunities for adults who lack basic literacy skills or who have limited English proficiency in reading, writing or speaking the English language.

All of us here at The Literacy Council of Fort Bend County are deeply appreciative of your generosity, and because of your gift, The Literacy Council of Fort Bend County will continue to generate basic literacy skills for all of Fort Bend County.

Together Changing Lives,

Kelli Metzenthin

Executive Director

Speakers for the remainder of the year

posted Oct 7, 2014, 6:45 AM by Crissy Nolen

Wed, Oct. 8th - Tony Ackerman our District President will be giving a presentation on all   

                           that our District can do for our club

Wed, Oct. 15th - Duck Golf Classic meeting - everyone please come, disguising final

                             details about our Golf Tournament


Wed, Oct. 22nd - Youth of the month


Wed, Oct. 29th - ***Wear your favorite mask or just the one that goes over your eyes** to

                             celebrate Halloween (there will be a really good prize for the

                             please do this!!)  The door prize is a full detailing at Sterling McCall

                             Lexus worth over $300  for your vehicle.


                             Brief update on Golf Tournament - full update at Nov. 5th meeting :)


                             Senior division new Sugar Land Superstar winner will sing for us

                             Speaker:  Charles Wild - he will be talking about winning at Sales

                             and Enhancing Your Buying and Selling Potential


Nov. 5th -             Update on all for the Golf Tournament

                             Celso Pacheco with our National Guard  - border update


Nov. 12th              Young Citizen


Nov. 19th -           James Fontenot - coming back and will demonsteate on how a polygraph

                              is given with someone from his office


Nov. 26th             No meeting, Thanksgiving week


Dec. 3rd               Sugar Land Police of Chief Doug Brinkley and Officer Greg Suter,

                             officer of the year


Dec. 10th              Our Christmas Entertainment - Children's choir from St. Laurence Church

                              Need to be out in the foyer (and done with lunch) by 12:35pm)

Dec. 17th -            Gift exchange


Dec. 24th              No meeting - Christmas week


Dec. 31st              No meeting - New Year's Eve


Exchange Club - Wednesday Meeting Reminder - September 10

posted Sep 8, 2014, 8:19 AM by Crissy Nolen   [ updated Sep 8, 2014, 9:20 AM ]

Please remember our weekly meeting this Wednesday, Sept. 10.

It will be important to start on time since we will have a full agenda.

The last few Wednesday meetings have gone overtime and to those who were inconvenient, I apologize. I will be more mindful of the time and will help to move things along.

The speaker this week will be Kevin San Jose with the Behavior Improvement center at Texana and Tracey will also present a program.

In addition, this is the week we acknowledge our Young Citizens.

The meeting will not be in the loft this week as previously mentioned. It will be downstairs as it usually is. The next two weeks it will be in the loft.

Bill Russell


Programs of Service

posted Aug 31, 2014, 5:14 PM by Fort Bend Exchange   [ updated Aug 31, 2014, 5:14 PM ]

Members of the Exchange Club of Fort Bend.

Programs of Service are categories of services the club sponsors.  

Some need a Chair person to manage and promote the activity, others are simply programs that the club supports through donations.


Attached is a list

 The club’s official categories are:

1) Prevention of Child Abuse (CAP)

2) Americanism

3) Community Service

4) Youth Activities

I have added:

1) Exchanged Committees

2) Golf Tournament  (Katina Scott is the Chair and will divide the effort and assign supporters of the various activities.)

3) Pancakes with Santa  (A potential additional fund raiser to be discussed and either accepted or rejected by the membership.)


The activities and positions that are important to fill as soon as we can are highlighted in yellow.

1) Media Agent – a person to work with the print media to help the club get as much good press as possible.

2) Awards – To keep track of the awards offered by District and National for accomplishments and complying with procedures.  This person would list the awards, put the requirements and time requirements in a spreadsheet format and keep the members informed.

3) Photographer – Actually, Tracey Shaw has been doing a fine job in an unofficial capacity.  I think we should make Tracey the club photographer is she will agree.

4) Social Events - Debbie Roberts, when she was active, arranged for after hour socials every few weeks and was able to get some special consideration from the restaurant/bar owners.

Please see the attachment and respond with you level of interest in participating in any of these activities.  It would be appreciated if you could respond before the next Wednesday meeting.

Thank you,

 Bill Russell


Exchange Club of Fort Bend - Lunch Meeting Reminder

posted Aug 31, 2014, 5:13 PM by Fort Bend Exchange

Please mark you calendar for this Wednesday, July 23 for our weekly meeting. (11:45 am to 1:00 pm).

In addition to several important topics, Evelyn Traylor has scheduled Shannon Bloesch, the Executive Director for the Parks Youth Ranch.

The director will tell us all about the ranch for homeless youth.

Bill Russell

Exchange Club Meeting - Aug. 6 & Invitation to attend an extra informative meeting.

posted Aug 31, 2014, 5:11 PM by Fort Bend Exchange

Reminder of the August 6 Exchange Club meeting and (attached) a one-page invitation to attend a special twenty minute meeting that will summarize how the club is organized and operates.

Evelyn Traylor’s speaker this week is Daniel Didanato. He will be speaking to us on how to navigate going to the Emergency Room.

Bill Russell


Exchange Club Members

posted Aug 31, 2014, 5:08 PM by Fort Bend Exchange

To The Members of the Fort Bend Exchange Club,

Reminder of the meeting Wednesday, August 13.

Evelyn keeps finding quality and interesting speakers. This week it will be:

Lt. James Fontenot with the Criminal Investigative Division of the Ft. Bend County's Sheriff's Dept.

He is a polygraph examiner and will talk to us about how polygraph tests help solve cases.

The title of his talk is : "In God We Trust - Everyone Else We Polygraph.”

I know everyone has busy schedules and your participation is appreciated, but please try to arrive by a few minutes early and no later than noon.

lt is disruptive when members trickle in after noon. If it is necessary, we will understand.

Bill Russell


Exchange Club Meeting - Wednesday August 27, 2014 & Fort Bend Bar Association Golf Tournament Notice

posted Aug 31, 2014, 5:07 PM by Fort Bend Exchange   [ updated Aug 31, 2014, 5:07 PM ]

Reminder of the Exchange Club meeting Wednesday, August 27.

This week, Evelyn’s speaker will be: Jason Culpepper with the new IMPACT newspaper will discuss how a newspaper operates.

Also, attached is letter sent to the women members of the Fort Bend Bar Association regarding their golf tournament  on October 9.

All Exchange Club members may be interested in how they describe and promote their tournament, but I believe the members of the golf tournament committee 

will be especially interested and may get some ideas.


Bill Russell

Gatekeepers at Ft. Bend County Fair

posted Aug 31, 2014, 5:05 PM by Fort Bend Exchange   [ updated Aug 31, 2014, 5:07 PM ]

Mark and Brenda Mullinix has asked the club to take one shift as Gatekeepers at the Ft. Bend County Fair.

They suggested we take the evening shift on Friday, October 3. That way we can have an unofficial meeting in the wine room like we did last year.

(That sounds like a deal that Dorothy negotiated.)

I asked Mark to let us know how many gates the club will monitor, the number of people we need at each gate and the starting and ending time of the shift.

I told them I felt the club would enthusiastically endorse the effort, but I needed to ask the members. Please let me know if you will participate.

Bill Russell

Exchange News

posted Aug 14, 2013, 9:16 AM by Crissy Nolen   [ updated Aug 14, 2013, 9:16 AM ]

Hello Everyone, 

Our meet and greet time will begin weekly at 11:45am (Mingle with each other & meet/welcome our guest), with our meeting beginning promptly at noon. 


Upcoming Exchange events:


Our time has come!

Description: Description: with Pride is this Sunday  Description: Description:

August 18, 2013 at 6:45am

We have had a great response for volunteers! 

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to assist us this Sunday.

Payless Shoe Source




Store# (832) 595-3215


Duck Golf Classic- Our annual fundraiser is October 21,2013.

Please view our website at  for sponsors to date.



August Speakers are:


  • Aug 14th - Our very own John Healey, District Attorney Fort Bend County


  • Aug. 21st - Sheila Phillips, Professional Story Teller


  • Aug. 28th - Tracy Golden, New Children's Cultural Museum



Description: Birthdays Description:

Bill Russell


Candace Cagle


August Facts:


  • Birthstones for August peridot
  • Birth flowers for August gladiolus and the poppy
  • August 1909, the Lincoln penny was issued.

·         National Golf Month
* National Picnic Month
**Romance Awareness Month**


Encourage someone to join exchange today.

See everyone tomorrow at our weekly meeting



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